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Periodontal disease is a chronic or ongoing infection. That means, if untreated, it slowly continues to worsen over time. It results in 75% of all adult tooth loss. Delaying or refusing treatment results in continued loss of gumline and jaw bone support for the teeth, which will cause them to eventually loosen and ultimately be lost. Once a diagnosis of periodontal disease is made, any delay in treatment may lead to additional procedures, additional cost and a less predictable outcome. When treatment has been advised, it is important to begin as soon as possible.

Missing teeth, either following extraction or as a result of teeth that do not develop, should be replaced. When teeth are lost, two things begin to occur. The adjacent teeth tend to shift or drift, resulting in changes in the bite. These changes can then lead to food impaction, increased periodontal disease and possible pain in the chewing muscles and jaw joints. Secondly, without the tooth root attached to the jaw bone, the bone begins to resorb or dissolve away. This is especially true for multiple missing teeth and dentures. The pink plastic on dentures or partials is there to replace the bone that has been lost following the extractions. One of the healthy side effects of dental implants is that they replace the tooth root and maintain healthy bone levels.


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